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Car leather, high speed rail seat leather, ship leather:
Car leather: Nappa is green and environmentally friendly, with the most excellent environmental protection characteristics of all leather materials. Its low VOC and low emission characteristics bring passengers fresh, elegant riding atmosphere and pleasant visual enjoyment.
Aviation leather: flame retardant, light weight, easy to care, long service life, not easy to hide dirt, dust falling on the surface of the seat can be removed with a gentle pat. Airline seats can beautify the interior environment while ensuring passenger safety. Passengers can feel as if they are in the nature, breathing the fresh air and feeling the vast grassland, which will make you relaxed and happy.
High speed rail seat cowhide: flame retardant, lightweight, easy to care, long service life, not easy to hide dirt, easy to take care of. The natural and delicate texture of the leather and the soft and smooth touch will greatly reduce the fatigue of the passengers when they sit in a fixed position for a long time and give them a comfortable and comfortable journey.
Marine leather: waterproof, anti-pollution, flame retardant, environmental protection. Specially tailored for the special environment of the ship, while ensuring safety and durability, it will make the whole cabin more colorful, giving passengers more luxurious and superior enjoyment in terms of vision, touch and even taste.
Natural cowhide is designed for life!!

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